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1984 2Bennett Sport quattro long wheel base. Tornado Red


The car is a 1984 European gray market import to the US. The exterior is a beautiful original paint tornado red.

The plan is to upgrade the engine to a 20 valve Turbo Five cylinder, 2Bennett carbon fiber Sport quattro long wheel base body. When we say long wheel base, It means we did not shorten the chassis to typical sport quattro length. Many other miscellaneous upgrades will be happening under the hood and other areas of the vehicle.

2Bennett Audi quattro  
The job begins with an initial tear down.

One year ago, the customer was in for 2Bennett coil over suspension and stage one 2Bennett x-drilled larger rotors and calipers brake upgrade.


The performance of the 2Bennett coil over strut assemblies and Sway bar system gave the customer the confidence in our abilities to continue with the upgrades.
This photo shows the original engine and 2Bennett adjustable shock tower brace.
We have begun stripping off the body.
Engine removed in preparation for the new one. Front core support is cut where the new 2B Sport quattro reinforcements will be bolted in.
An AAN code engine It Is disassembled to be built into the new engine for the car.
The exterior of all the used parts are blasted with fine media to make them look fresh to match the new parts. The engine block is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, honed, and repainted black. The new pistons, rings, and Carrillo connecting rods are installed. All sensors, seals, and gaskets are replaced. RS2 intake manifold installed.

A small amount of rust was found in the trunk spare tire well. It appears as if water had pooled and was not allowed to drain. The rest of the car was found to have zero corrosion.

We cut it out and repaired the hole.

2Bennett Carbon fiber long wheel base sport quattro panels ready for paint preparation. Our bodies are laser straight and have a fully functional gas door with authentic composite hinge mechanism.
2Bennett carbon fiber fender and inner hood structure.
A thing of beauty.

The grill and hood are 100% carbon fiber.

2B uses no fiberglass layers to cut corners and cheat customers.


Engine is in, vacuum brake booster conversion is in, 2B Bar and plate massive intercooler and support structure are test fitted and ready for final component paint.

Note sport quattro 2B replica frame reinforcements and inner bumper supports.

Fresh paint.
The customer elected to show a glimpse of the carbon that lies beneath this amazing tornado red paint.
Almost complete. Just needs the interior including the new Recaro seats, Audi S2 steering wheel, 3 gauge auxiliary pod on the dash, etc.

We import the Compomotive wheels originally used by Audi Sport on the works S1 sport quattros. We work directly with the manufacturer to bring this formerly impossible to get wheel. Now available to our customers. In stock at 2B.

16x9" wheels fit this '80s rally car body perfectly.

Note the carbon Kevlar fender liners to take the abuse of spinning wheels throwing burning rubber and asphalt.

Completed-- This full on, ground- up build that involved every component on the car is done. Awesome car. There are going to be a bunch of stunned Audi fans when this car hits the streets.

Engine bay that looks like Audi rolled it out of the factory themselves. 2Bennett re-engineered and executed a work of art and upgraded excellence.

Quite literally every part under and including the hood have been replaced with upgrades.

20 valve turbo engine with modern rotary AC compressor, vacuum brake booster conversion from hydraulic, Audi RS2 Airbox, 2B silicone turbo intake hose set, 2B 500w cooling fan with composite shroud and Aluminum radiator. 2B bar& plate intercooler, etc.

Performance interior upgrades such as Recaro seats, 3 gauge pod, Audi S2 steering wheel, and a great stereo finish off an updated, upgraded cockpit for the pilot of this machine.
  Despite all the body modifications, fit and finish is perfect.
Ready to tear up the streets and track days while turning heads.