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It has been said that if you want to find a unicorn, the first place to try is 2Bennett Audimotive. This is an actual photograph of two Blue Audi B5 S4 Sedans with complete B5 RS4 Bodies and mostly RS4 engines, a 4.2 twin turbo red R8, a real Sport quattro [white roof in back], and a 20k mile C5 RS6.
audi s4 audi-service-davis-ca
This super clean original S4 is driven from Nevada for service from time to time.

2003 2Bennett restored and upgraded Audi A8L quattro.

For more information about this car please check out http://www.2bennett.com/audis_for_sale.html

2Bennett Audimotive

The Audi museum loaned us an original support vehicle from the old days to display at our party. Very cool that Audi tradition is keeping the history of the Group B days alive.


audi RS2 2Bennett
Audi RS2 in for service. The customer brought it from Canada for us to look over and make some adjustments. Also new turbo and 2Bennett "Coil Program" adjustable ride height suspension.

1993 Audi original S4.

2B Coil Program height and dampening rate adjustable suspension, 2B Stage2 RS Brakes

sport quattro hood grilles

Another 2B creation. Tornado Red 1984 ur quattro with our complete carbon fiber long wheelbase Sport quattro body. We completely transformed the car with a new upgraded 20v Turbo 5 cyl engine, 2B suspension , interior, wheels, brakes, etc.

See the story start to finish HERE.

The famous 2Bennett white long wheel base sport quattro that we have built over many years. See the complete story It's long 2Bennett evolution here- http://2bennett.com/Audi_Sport_quattro_long_wheel_base.html
Audi repair Davis CA
see notes below photo

2B Performed a restoration on this 1990 Audi 3.6 V8 Quattro. Check out the full article on our website here http://2bennett.com/Audi%20V8%20Restoration.html

Audi S7

2B Custom painted and slotted the front and rear brakes on this S7

Also software and wheels

legends of the autobahn We took the Mars Red coupe to the 2015 Legends of the Autobahn car show and it won best of the marque.
2015 S3  
audi service Davis CA  
Because Lamborghini Is now part of the Audi family, We perform services such as oil changes, brakes, software, etc. Davis, CA locals and the surrounding area can feel at ease dropping off their pride and joy's with a competent and friendly service center.  
Davis_CA_Audi_Service 2B at Thunderhill raceway with the Audi club.
Audi_Repair_Davis_CA 2014 Audi S8 at 2B for software upgrade. Now has 646hp on 91 octane fuel.
2bennett sport quattro


This 2B sport quattro [shortened] replica. All hand crafted by 2Bennett Audimotive Davis CA. .http://www.2bennett.com/Original%20quattro%20wide%20body%20conversion.html

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davis ca audi service



2000 A6 2.7t after restoration with upgrades. Check out the restoration page for this car.


audi service davis ca Cold January morning at Davis California's Audi service center, 2Bennett Audimotive.
Audi TT Brakes TT 225 with 2B Stage2 GT front brakes and 2B Stage2 rear brakes with red paint option.
audi q5 trailer hitch  
audi showroom Our showroom displaying some of the 5 cyl engine Audi history.
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audi rs5  
audi racing  

S6 taking advantage of the Fall software sale.


image B5 RS4. Sale brokered by 2B.

Legends of the Autobahn show-

2B brought home some trophies-

1989 20vt European original quattro

2B White original quattro fully restored [body was black]

2B Mars red original quattro Sport A2 body


Legends of the Autobahn show-

2B crafted 1991 coupe quattro with 20v turbo engine, S2 running gear, RS2 front bodywork, etc.

2B restored B5 RS4.


1992 original S4 just restored at 2B Waiting to be loaded onto the transporter to go home to Canada.

Sport quattro [white] restored by 2B. Story [HERE].

image 2B West Showroom.

Audi B5 quattro GMBH RS4.

Restored by 2B. Story HERE.

2Bennett Stage2 RS 365mm 8 piston brakes on a B7 S4 Avant
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The old Audi 200 rally car. We built it to torture test parts and have some fun off road. It has racing seats and harness belts in front, but when we pop the back seat in, It still has rear seat belts and long travel 2B suspension, so we can hit big jumps and scare 3 passengers at once.
audi sacramento
audi rs4
rs4 2b

First cool car photo at our new world headquarters. 5080 Chiles Rd, Davis, CA. 95618

Photo taken in late 2012. 2001 Audi S4 Sedan Complete RS4 front end conversion.