Audi A6 3.0 Supercharged upgrades
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Audi A6 3.0 Supercharged POWER upgrades




3.0 TFSI Supercharger Pulley and Belt Upgrade. With the special software it produces Peak Power:

388 AWHP & 377 AWTQ - 93 Octane

402 AWHP & 383 AWTQ - 100 Octane

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+ software Below

  APR Supercharger Cooler- Complete system-APR is pleased to present a completely reengineered supercharger Coolant Performance System (CPS) for the Audi B8 3.0 TFSI. Through extensive motorsport testing in GRAND-AM Road Racing, APR's Engineering Team discovered the OEM supercharger cooling system was inadequate at higher boost pressures and power levels and therefore developed the APR CPS to improve both performance and reliability. For everyday street cars and full racecars.
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APR Direct port programming.

Not only does our Stage I ECU Upgrade give you higher peak numbers of 313 horsepower and 323-ft. of torque measured at all 4 wheels, but also gains of up to 95 all wheel horsepower and 75lb-ft are available throughout the power band! APR's ECU Upgrade is the best power per dollar modification for the new 3.0 TFSI and gives it just the extra edge these cars lack from the factory without pushing the limits. With factory like smoothness and drivability APR's ECU Upgrade will fill the void in an otherwise excellent car.

Power ratings are those specified by APR---
  Stock Stock 91 octane R+M/2 93 octane R+M/2 100 octane R+M/2
  91 octane R+M/2 93 octane R+M/2 95 octane RON 98 octane RON 104 octane RON
Rev Limit [RPM] 6600 RPM 6600 RPM 6600 RPM 6600 RPM 6600 RPM
Speed Limit [MPH] 125 125 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Peak Power [AWHP] 244 [AWHP] 255 [AWHP] 303 [AWHP] 313 [AWHP] 328 [AWHP]
Peak Torque [AW ft/lb] 296 AWTQ 299 AWTQ 319 AWTQ 323 AWTQ 333 AWTQ
Vehicle Engine Drivetrain Transmission Price  
A6 C6 2010-2011 3.0 TFSI Quattro Tipotroinic $1499.  


MTM Cantronic module. Easy plug-in power upgrade.

Power ratings are those specified by MTM---
    Horsepower Torque   Part # Price-
  Original 300 hp 310 ft lb      
  MTM Cantronic 370 hp 456 ft lb   m1a6290360qm $2600.