S2 Conversion
s2 The conversion started with this 1990 coupe quattro. We had just installed and painted S2 front and rear bumpers and B4 hood in the 2Bennett bodyshop. With the body freshly updated it was time for more power.
s2 Timing was good. After Andrew Bennett's fully built S2 was stolen and recovered partially stripped, we had the perfect donor parts. Our S2 lost the front body and interior, but still had the complete engine/ drivetrain. The customer bought the complete engine conversion parts and the job was on.
s2 s2
We parked the 2 cars next to each other and removed the engines. We removed the battery box, prepped, and repainted the engine bay in factory pearl. All the 2Bennett 20v Turbo conversion parts were swapped directly over.
s2 conversion s2 battery relocation
We removed the interior to install wiring harnesses new and heater core. The S2 battery box and fuel lines were installed into the floor under the back seat.
s2 engine  
Engine is in. 20v 3B code with 2B complete engine build including rods, 2B oil pan baffle, crankcase vent system, cams. 6 speed, 2B radiator with 2B fan and shroud system, 2B KKK turbo & full 2B 3"exhaust, 2B software, RS2 exhaust manifold, RS2 airbox, Nology plug wires, S2 intercooler, oil cooler, and crossover pipe, etc. Typical 2Bennett clean look under the hood.