Audi V8 Restoration
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This 1990 V8 quattro was well maintained and taken care of. A couple of years ago the owner's Nephew was handed the keys. We are told the body was very nice before this. 2Bennett is always proud and very appreciative to be put in the position to bring a car back to it's former self for the family that bought it new. Maybe improve a few things to better than new along the way.


1990 Audi V8.

3.6L Aluminum engine, quattro, auto transmission


112,000 miles


The car was first road tested and fully evaluated. Every system base lined. Before anything is taken apart or adjusted the starting point is documented. From climate control to drivability and road noise.

image First thing is a full pressure wash scrub down. Grease and dirt have been "protecting" the car from the elements. We will be reducing the vehicle to its components for a major mechanical rejuvenation.
audi v8 radiator The disassembly begins.
image image
Front end body removed. You might have noticed the Nology spark plug wires in this photo. We replaces spark plugs, wires, and some sensors to get a baseline of the engines performance before taking the car apart. The engine and transmission removed for a full mechanical rebuild.
image The carpet and many other interior parts show their use. We are able to figuratively roll the clock back and make cars appear like new, with customer approval.

The engine is undergoing a refreshments including a rebuild of the heads.

We have torn the engine down to replace all gaskets, seals, and electrical senders.

audi camber plates audi v8 suspension
2B "Revolution" camber/ caster kit. 2B Coil Program suspension installed on uprights we refurbished, new hubs, and 2B Stage2 brake brackets. 2Bennett Coil Program adjustable ride height suspension system installation has been completed on all 4 corners.
audi v8 steering rack New power steering rack assembly, steering dampener, and tie rods.
Audi V8 Engine Progress continues with the assembled engine, new power steering pump, new and re-plated hardware, and a bunch of things this photo does not show. The new-old-stock complete transmission is hard to miss. We still have one left in our inventory and it is said to be the last worldwide.
Audi Camber plate The engine is in. This photo however is of the all new climate control components. It also captures the vast array of electrical, fuel, fasteners, clips, and other engine function related components.
image The completely overhauled engine and new transmission assemblies work great. Shown here with lots of new accessory parts.
audi v8 3.6l Engine and front end completely and reinstalled.
1990 audi v8
Restoration complete. It is nice to see a beautiful example of this amazing car for its time. We are proud to have it in our showroom while waiting for the owner to fly in for final approval.
New wheels were fitted. R8 style. 17x8.5". The wheels were later fitted with Audi original center caps. On display at the Sonoma racetrack Audi club event.
The owner flew in from New York to check out the car before we shipped it back to him.
2Bennett Audimotive  High Performance Audi Parts & Service 530-758-7325  Davis, California USA