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2Bennett Sport quattro body panels.

This page is purely for customers to see what the panels look like directly out of the molds, before they are prepared for paint. We get a lot of requests by customers to see them during the process of building their car.
2Bennett carbon fiber bumper 2Bennett Sport quattro Grill and front bumper directly out of the molds.
2Bennett sport quattro 2Bennett S1 shortened body in primer before paint.
Sport quattro fender 2Bennett front fender and hood inner structure directly out of the mold .
sport quattro carbon fiber rear bumpers 2Bennett Sport quattro Carbonfiber rear bumpers. This is what they look like directly out of the molds.
Audi radiator shroud 2Bennett Carbon fiber radiator shroud. If the radiator is in an odd position, we will make a custom Carbon fiber shroud to fit that application. If we are working with an original quattro standard position, we have this piece in stock.