We stock ALL B5 RS4 PARTS. The complete Original Equipment parts are kept on our shelves for immediate shipping. Just call or email for an estimate.

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Audi B5 A4 / S4 Composites
2Bennett Carbon Fiber body parts-

2Bennett hoods are truely all carbon fiber. The hoods are made using two separate molds to achieve one strong yet light weight part. Because the inner structure is also made from real carbon fiber, all the factory-mounting points are retained. The stock hinges and hood latch bolt into the hood correctly so that hood pins are not needed. 2Bennett trims the correct mounting points, hood prop mount, and wiring and windshield squirter holes.

Most replica hoods do not have this attention to detail. Almost all "Carbon fiber" hoods on the market are actually fiberglass with an outer skin of Carbon. Generation 2 hoods from 2Bennett feature 100% Carbon inner structures that are as smooth and glossy as you would hope to see on the outside.

2Bennett makes our own composites parts so you can request modifications to meet your needs. Ultra lightweight versions for racing are even lighter [email requests].

 The carbon fiber hood weighs in at only 12 lbs. This gives the car a 25 lb weight reduction where it needs it. As any enthusiast knows, improving the weight balance of a car is not usually this easy or affordable. Because the hood is all carbon fiber, it is one of the strongest and lightest available. Besides the strength and weight benefits, the hoods look great.



Hood above shown glossy. This is the standard 2B hood finish. Beautiful inner shown below.
Hood above shown with 2B custom paint.

2Bennett hood prop is the replacement solution for big factory gas charged props. Made of 304 Stainless Steel, it is made to fit 2B carbon hoods [which accept stock or 2B]. Easy install and tucks away in the provided clip when in the down position.

Weight- 125 Grams/ 4.4 Ounces


$149. kit price

hood prop

 The 2B carbon fiber rear deck lid is a direct bolt on to factory hinges and latch or racing pin mount. The inside looks like original equipment, but in Carbon. Beside the structural benefits, it looks great.

Available in glossy carbon or primer for paint. Reduces weight from 24 Lb for original equipment to 9 Lb for 2B Carbon.



2B Racing Rear Deck lids have reinforcements for wings and an option for wing mounts that extend from the gutter rails to the wing. We use 100% carbon and Aluminum honeycomb for a very rigid structure supporting over 250lb of down force for generic bolt on wings and over 500lb for 2B wings. Call to discuss your needs.

$1680. reinforced for customer mounted wing

$1980. reinforced structure with 2B wing mount risers built in extremely light and rigid. Wing ready.

Designed for the most demanding track use.




2B carbon fiber GTR Wing

All Carbon fiber with Carbon end plates. Available in raw carbon, clear coated, or Audi colors. Call do discuss the 3 options.

$2480. with end plates



2B sunroof delete- A4 '96-'01, S4 '98-'02. Replaces entire sunroof assembly (glass, motor, tracks). Bolts directly to original mounts. Requires only the hardware included [see photo]. Under 2 pounds.


audi rs4 grill

B5 RS4 factory original grill complete



'01 S4 Avant with B5 RS4 Complete body . We use 100% factory Audi parts for this transformation.


Information HERE
'01 S4 Avant with B5 RS4 Front fenders and bumper with stock rear body. Information HERE


B5 RS4 Body parts fitted to these two S4 Sedans. Complete front and rear Audi original RS4 body parts.

Installed and painted by 2Bennett.

Information HERE


2Bennett Carbon fiber- Designed for the most demanding track use.

rs4 splitter  

2B Carbon fiber splitter for B5 A4, S4, RS4 [with RS4 Bumper].

Creates downforce. Fully adjustable solid mounting. All Carbon with aerospace Aluminum honeycomb core.

Version with brake ducts $2975.


2B Brake cooling ducts. 4" Hose inlet, 100% Carbon, includes brackets and hardware. Mounts to front brake housing.

Available for all A4, S4, RS4, A6, RS6

$595. per side


2Bennett offers full repair and refinish services for composite parts. Ship them to us or bring them in. We will repair Carbon fiber parts made by 2Bennett or even other manufacturers. 2Bennett can color match/ repaint the parts or cut vinyl in our CNC sticker cutter and apply graphics as needed. Ship us the broken parts complete and we will ship them back repaired.


2Bennett can create parts for most Audi models by request. Send an email  info@2bennett.com
2B "GTR" Body for A4 '97-'01& S4 '98-'02 - Available for shipment.
image All carbon fiber construction. 4 inch per corner more wheel width, aerodynamic with increased down force. Photos click Here.


2B Carbon fiber splitter for B5 A4, S4, RS4 [with RS4 Bumper]. Creates downforce, fully adjustable solid mounting. All Carbon with aerospace Aluminum honeycomb core. Version without brake ducts $2975..
audi rs4 race parts Racing splitter features threaded fully adjustable struts for setting angle, Aluminum mounts, quick release clevises, Carbon reinforced thread rods.
2B audi image audi body parts

2Bennett Racing windows-

2Bennett also offers mounting of vents and custom openings per customer request [such as small sliding window assemblies].


2Bennett FRONT windshield-

To conform to new SCCA rules all Front windshields are 1/4" [6.35mm]

Form shaped Lexan [polycarbonate] pre-drilled with tapered holes, all hardware, gasket seal.

Front 2B windshields are anti-scratch coated and anti-fog coated.



2Bennett Rear windshield-

To conform to new SCCA rules all 2B Rear windshields are 1/4" [6.35mm]

Lexan [polycarbonate], pre-drilled with tapered holes, all hardware, gasket seal.

Rears are anti-scratch coated




2Bennett front and rear door window-

Lexan [polycarbonate], pre-drilled with very minimal hardware that removes quickly yet is solid enough to not buffet at 160 mph.

$299. each


2Bennett rear corner window-

Lexan [polycarbonate] with black border, pre-drilled with tapered holes, all hardware, rubber gasket seal that gives correct back spacing.

$245. each