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'00 S4 2.t twin turbo- 2B Stage2 GT brakes, RS4 turbos (stage 3 package) APR software, 2B RS4 front bodywork (bumper, fenders, intercoolers, 3" exhaust, 18x8 wheels, 2B clutch, 2B ceramic coated APR bipipe, etc '00 S4 2.7 twin turbo- 2B Stage2 GT brakes (front&rear), RS4 turbos (stage 3 package) APR software 495 hp, 2B RS4 front bodywork bumper, fenders, RS4 intercoolers, 2B Carbon fiber hood and trunk lid, 2B twin 3" downpipe exhaust, 18x8 wheels, Recaro front seats, 2B clutch with 2B flywheel and disc, 2B Coil Program suspension, 2B camber caster adjustment, APR bipipe, 2B Crankcase breather system, 2B Adjustable control arms.
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Green B5 RS4 at 2B Blue B5 RS4 at 2B
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'01 s4 Biturbo Avant- 2B Stage 2 brakes, 18"BBS  wheels,RS4 body, 2B RS4 intercooler kit, 2B no cat exhaust, 2B mounted RS4 seats, ...
'01 S4 Twin Turbo with RS4 complete body,19" RS4 type wheels, Koni coilovers, APR aluminum intake & software
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'01 S4 Twin Turbo with RS4 Body, 2B Coil Program Suspension, 2B Stage2 GT 6 piston front and 2B Stage2 rear Brakes, 18"wheels, RS4 OE front bodywork, ceramic coated APR aluminum intake, APR software, Bailey recirc valves, 2B Twin 3" downpipes into 3" 2B street exhaust , Recaro race seats... '01 S4 Twin Turbo Tiptronic- Full 2B RS4 engine group, 2B Stage2 GT brakes front and rear, RS4 front bumpe, 2B GTR transmission...
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"Sleeper" '01 S4 Biturbo avant. 485hp upgraded RS4 engine group, APR exhaust & intake, 2B Stage2 GT 6 piston brakes, etc '00 S4 Biturbo  2B Coil Program suspension, 2B Super street clutch with Aluminum flywheel, APR software, APR exhaust, Ronal 18" R7 wheels..
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'01 S4 Biturbo  2B Coil Program suspension, 2B Stage2 Brakes, 2B 3" exhaust, APR software '00 s4 Biturbo - 2B Stage2 brakes, Koni coilover, 3' turbo back exhaust, 2B RS4 engine group, 18" wheels
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  2000 S4 Twin Turbo racecar- 2B Coil Program suspension...
2000 S4 2.7L twin turbo. 2Bennett Stage2 Brakes front and rear with custom yellow paint, 18" wheels.  
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2000 B5 S4- Custom 2Bennett carbon fiber splitter custom made to fit a customer's bumper. Real carbon to replace carbon fiberglass.
2001 A4 1.8T- 2B Stage2 Brakes, 2B Coil Program suspension(rally), S4 bodywork, retanked APR front mount intercooler, 350hp : RS2 turbo, 2B 3" turbo back exhaust, 18" Ronal R39 wheels, Recaro seats...