audi quattro sport quattro
2B long wheelbase sport quattro. Dirt road  
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2B modified '91 200 20v. Sears Point 2B modified '01 S4 twin turbo. Sears Point
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2B '00 GTR. Barber Motorsports Complex 2B modified '00 S4 twin turbo. Thunder Hill
image andrew.200.1.jpg
Year 2000 Nasa Super Unlimited Pro. champion- Tim Valencia in his 4000 turbo Quattro at Sears Point. Ouch. Andrew lent his clean alpine white 200 to a customer and they flipped it.
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This shot above was the 2B Christmas card in 1995.  The Audi is Andrew Bennett's off road 4000 Q. Lots of fun in the dirt. The suspension was set up to take this 6 foot drop at 50mph. Most people referred to the car as "the rally beast". image
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2B modified '01 S4 twin turbo. Road America. Mt. Tremblant Canada
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2B modified '91 200 20v. Thunder Hill 2B race prepaired '87 GT turbo. Laguna Seca
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2B modified '86 4000 q. with 3.6L V8. Sears Point raceway Audi IMSA GTO-'89 audi 90. Photo from Leguna Seca '99 Historics
image audi s2
2B '87 4000 quattro 20v turbo converted. Thunder Hill 2B S2 . Rally Tazmania
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B7 S4 2B Customer submission- > "It always rains in Le Mans". Me and my 2007 DTM Audi S4 In the Michelin chicane on the Mulson straight 2B '88 5000 Turbo quattro- 2B Coil Program suspension, 2B Software, 19" Racing slicks- F40 behind it- Staging for Virginia City hillclimb
B4 90 quattro with 5 cylinder 20 valve turbo engine- Customer submission- RS2 bumper, 2B racing parts  


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