audi engine swap


There are so many combinations of parts , engines, cars, and needs, we have to make a custom estimate for all jobs.

All of our engines undergo a thorough inspection program before installation.

We drive or run the donor engine before removal, test compression,and verify the wiring harness and ECU are in good condition.

Most conversions 2Bennett performs have many performance enhancements, but we also can do used engine and wiring straight installs. Some of the standard packages which include parts and labor without other upgrades for installation are:

Stage1 20v turbo 5cyl. 285hp. $18,900.

4.2L V8 300hp $23,500.

These prices are for reference only. Each job is different with their own options.

Standard conversions are scheduled for a 90 day job. Jobs are booked in advance with $1,000. deposit to hold a specific calender date and partial payment at drop off. Payments due according to build schedule agreed upon based on estimate created for your individual build.

Keep in mind, there are almost limitless options. Below are only a few of the most common options we install. We enjoy creating the Audi you have dreamed of.

Some options to choose from for the different engine conversions.


2Bennett has OE kits or 2B Super sets with 2B Aluminum flywheel,special discs,and pressure plates to hold any hp. For ALL OF OUR CONVERSIONS

$400 to $1595

Intercooler Upgrades

Larger all aluminum unit. More cooling-more power

RS2 intercooler-  great cooling and we make them fit Picture

2B massive intercooler/ core support replacement kit. 24x17" ultimate cooling. Bottom of bumper to hood catch.

$many choices

OE RS2 part

$2275 complete kit

2B Oil cooler kits

Mocal coolers,  larger than standard, stainless steel braided hoses and fittings, and cleanly mounted

$450 & up complete kits

Turbo options

K-24, K-26,26/27, RS2 comp.RS4, 2B custom turbo available.- call to discuss needs

$350 to $1875

2B turbo downpipe

2B 3" flared at turbo, 304 stainless, ceramic coated inside, mandrel bent, all inputs are stainless- Super quick turbo spool

$975  Picture

2B cat back exhaust

2B All 3" 304 stainless, mandrel bent, ultimate power and sound-  cat-back  exhaust system

2B V8 2.75" 304SS downpipes, 2B twin 3" turbo back for 2.7 twin turbo





Cams for all engines available

$525 and up

2B Fan upgrade 2B RS2 500 watt fan with shroud and relays kit. (significantly improves cooling system performance and reliability). for 5 cyl

RS2 group

All RS2 parts available for install--  for 20v turbo 5 cyl

 The RS2 group. Engine enhancements for conversions. Click HERE


image image
We build engines for street or track. We can ship complete for install.