Audi specialty prepaired cars.

2Bennett Audimotive  High Performance Audi Parts & Service 530-758-7325  Davis, California USA
2Bennett prepaires track legal chassis that meet all updated safety regulations.

We can do all aspects of the build and offer tech support.

 Off road Rally, club driver safety schools on closed course paved tracks, Autocross.

Many aspects of driver safety. Improved Brakes and seatbelts, Fire extinguishers, etc.

 Call us when you are ready for your Audi to have better performance and Increased safety.

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4k.tim.sears.jpg NASA Super Unlimited Champion 2000

2Bennett builds all parts with total focus on quality and safety. All parts and safety devices should be inspected by licensed and properly trained officials prior to use. Many parts listed are for off road use and not intended to be used on streets or highways mostly due to polution laws and regulations. 2Bennett encourages special driving instruction and track driving practice to further understand automobile safety and driving physics.