audi wheel studs
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Thread in Studs

25mm Zinc plated

$2.99 (each) Dimensions LIST$8.50

  40mm Zinc plated

$6.99 (each) Dimensions LIST$8.50


48mm Zinc plated 2B stud

$4.99 (each) Dimensions LIST$8.50

  50mm Zinc plated $6.99 (each) Dimensions LIST$8.50

60mm Zinc plated

$6.99 (each)Dimensions LIST$8.50

Open end lug nuts

Cone seat (aftermarket wheels)

Ball seat (OE wheels)

$2.95 (each) - cone

$3.95 (each) - ball


All of our Aluminum spacers come in these sizes and are made of aircraft Aluminum with hubcentric fit 5x112, 5x100,4x108,4x100


Wheel Spacers

5mm per side

$49 (pair)


8mm per side

$69 (pair)


15mm per side

$89 (pair)


20mm per side

$99 (pair)


25mm per side - Bolts to hub then use studs out of the spacer to secure wheel (Hubcentric)

$149 (pair)


20mm per side - 5x100 to 5x112 converter- use 5x112 wheels on your TT or VW

$149 (pair)


We cut custom sizes according to need. Call for info



Stud Install Instructions