2B "Revolution" Camber/ Caster adjustment system for '92-'97 S4/S6, 5000,100,200, V8, and A6 'till '98. This is the real thing, not a universal mongrel. Perfect fit perfect function..

Years of 2Bennett development have crafted this perfect patent pending device. Using only the finest materials such as Anodized aircraft billet Aluminum and featuring 2B-Loc tm Stainless hardware system.

The cure for tire wear due to lowered cars that are now out of spec. Also custom sport and racing caster and camber setup is now simple.

No modifications needed to any components. Uses all factory ur S4/S6 lower plates, bearings, and dust shield without modification. Bolts on in minutes without any suspension removal.

$595 for both sides.

5000, 100, 200, V8 models require use of '92- '98 S4/S6 lower plates and bearings because of a larger center adjustment hole. Approximatley $325 retrofit.

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Check out some of the huge Camber and Caster adjustments possible in just seconds.

IIf you ever need parts for your Revolution system or 2B Suspension- CLICK HERE