Silver '91 CQ 20v-  2Bennett RS2 engine conversion- Brand new complete RS2 engine and gearbox with all the 2B trimmings. RS2 bumper and lights, hood, 2B stage2 brakes, 2B Coil Program w/2B double adjust shocks, 5 lug, 18"x8.5 wheels. Sport Quattro front seats, RS2 steering wheel, 2B turbo back exhaust, etc.

Featured in May 2009 European Car magazine.

image 1990 US cq 2B converted to '92 S2 spec complete - 2B Stage2 Brakes, 2B Coil Program Suspension, Ronal 19" SX wheels w/ Michelin touring car slicks, 2B ECU mod, 2B Aluminum radiator. image
image USA . 1990 Coupe quattro- 20v Turbo 3B engine, 2B Stage 2 brakes, 2B Coil Program suspension with koni sport shocks, exhaust manifold & turbo, RS2 intercooler, RS2 Bumper, 5 lug conversion,18" S8 wheels, 2B 3" Downpipe & 3" secondary exhaust, 2B radiator, RS2 lighting, B4 hood conversion, silver ceramic coating on externals of engine parts.
image  1990 Coupe Quattro - More Pictures 2B 20v turbo 3B converted, 2B Stage2 Brakes, 2B Coil Program suspension, 2B 3" exhaust with 2B 3" downpipe, 2B big KKK turbo, RS2 exhaust manifold, RS2 airmass sensor, RS2 intercooler, RS2 front bodywork, 2B aluminum radiator, 2B balanced engine with 2B head, 2B baffled oilpan, Carillo rods, 2B RS2 mirrors, S2 instruments, RS2 headlights, B4 hood conversion, HRE 18x 8" wheels. Featured in "European Car" magazine.

'90 cq -2B 20v turbo 3B engine code converted, 2B Aluminum radiator, RS2 bumper & intercooler, 2B Stage2 Brakes.

Photo Right- Four 2B conversions at Sears Point Raceway.

image '90 cq -2B 20v turbo AAN engine code converted, 2B Aluminum radiator, 2B Thrust turbo, 2B 3" turbo back exhaust, RS2 intake manifold, S2 bumper & RS2 intercooler, 2B intake pipes and hoses, 2B Stage2 brakes, 2B Coil Program suspension, 2B tower brace, 2B silicone intake hoses, 19" wheels image
Image 1990 20v coupe quattro-  2B Coil Program suspension with Koni sport shocks, S2 Bumper assy. with clear light group, B4 hood, RS2 headlights, 17" TSW wheels, 2B sport rotors.  

1990 cq Alpine White.

Car featured in Euro Tuner magazine Jan, 2003

image image image image
1990 US coupe quattro. 2B 20v 3B code Turbo converted , 2B complete engine build, S2 hubs, gauges, steering wheel, 6 speed, etc. 2Bennett Brakes, 2B Coil Program suspension, 2B shock tower braces Front and Rear, 2B radiator, 2B KKK turbo & full 2B 3"exhaust, 2B software, RS2 exhaust man, RS2 F bumper, RS2 lights, S2 R bumper, etc.
1990 Coupe quattro. 2B 20v turbo conversion. MORE INFO
image s2

Customer owned '95 Audi S2- 2Bennett modified to compete in several classes over the years. Like many Audi owners that race, the high quality racing components are not available in their home country. In this case continent [Australia]. 2B ships parts worldwide daily for racing, restoring rare Audis needing obsolete parts, or for fun on the street.

2B Modifications to this S2 include- 2B Coil Program suspension with 2B swaybars and 2B external adjust Koni shocks, 2B caber/caster adjustable upper mounts, 2B engine management software, 2B Stage2 brakes F&R, 2B wheel studs, 2B turbo, 2B intake plumbing, extra heavy duty 2B diff and trans mounts, 2B control arm bushings, 2B Strut tower brace, etc.