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The 2Bennett GTR program

100% carbon fiber bodywork - This system was created and developed for racing with weight, ease of use and quick replacement, aerodynamics and down force, and durability in mind. Body includes Front facia/bumper, front fender flares, lower rocker boxes, rear wheel/ quarter panel flares, and mounting systems, 2B Carbonfiber sunroof delete system, rear bumper modification package that makes the remaining bumper/ fascia only 5 lb. $12,000.

100% carbon fiber trunk/ rear decklid- 2B Racing trunks have reinforcements for wings and an option for wing mounts that extend from the gutter rails to the wing. We use 100% carbon and Nomex honeycomb for a very rigid structure supporting over 250lb of down force for generic wings and over 500lb for 2B wings. Call to discuss your needs. MORE INFO

100% carbon fiber hood- 2B hoods are true, full carbon fiber units. The hoods are made using two separate molds. Both the outer skin and the structural support are made using the highest quality carbon fiber material available. Because the hood structure is complete and made from carbon fiber, all the factory-mounting points are retained. The stock hinges and hood latch bolt into the hood correctly so that hood pins are not needed. Only 12lb. MORE INFO

Brakes - 2B stage2 GT 6 piston 350mm x 32mm directional vane or 2B Stage3 with 6 (ceramic) piston calipers 360mm x 32mm directional vane rotors and rear racing upgrade

 Wheels -2 great sizes- 18"x11" 305/18" tires.  18"x12.5" 335/18". Forgeline custom makes the wheels for the GTR. Forged centers and Titanium hardware

Tires - 2 sizes available 305/18 or 335/18 depending on setup TOYO & Hoosier in stock. Hoosier Rain Race now available.

Suspension - 2B Coil program with high performance 2B Koni Race shocks or special double and single adjust Koni shocks

Intercoolers - 2B intercooler system - 2 coolers approximately 4 times the cooling of OE. Also RS4 coolers bolt directly in.

Oil coolers - 2B oil cooler kit bolts directly to inner body inside bumper (eliminates oil to water cooler) also transmission coolers available

Windows - Both front and rear windows coated in fog and scratch resistant plastic. Molded look like OE glass with no speed flexing. All side windows in stock also. MORE INFO

Engine Mods - We build 2.7 Twin Turbo 500hp kits that simply bolt on and will run on the street as reliably as the OE setup. More powerful race only engines available with connecting rods, bigger turbos, twin 3" exhaust (or 2B single 4"), cams, etc.

Transmissions - Track proven Brutally strong tiptronics and 6 speed manuals available

Complete Cars - 2Bennett offers construction of complete turn key cars that include everything from roll cage to body and paint in street or race legal form.

The body is only one product in the 2B GTR series of products. The GTR idea is to take the A4/S4 and have an unlimited platform for horsepower, speed, or whatever you want. They can be race or street.

We are now taking orders and have all products and full support with spares available.

More Pictures & Video

Keep in mind the GTR system is also 1.8T  B5 chassis compatible. We run the 1.8T at 360hp and race engines of over 400hp and different levels are available.

Hoosier R3S03 Road Race tires in stock now-  335/ 30/ 18"  only $250 each.  That's $60 less each than anywhere else.


Hoosier file photo

2B GTR official wheel by FORGELINE

Simplified Timeline

03/'04 - GTR concept put in place and body sculpting began

05/'04-  GTR pre release photos posted to 2Bennett.com

10/'04- Forgeline wheels named official wheel

11/'04- GTR debut at Sears Point raceway CA USA

1/'05-  GTR parts available for customers

2/'05- GTR racetrack driving and Audi Club North America event appearances begin

9/'05-  GTR cover story hits European Car Magazine

'06-    Continued track events and rides

'09 GTR Bodies and complete range of performance parts are on the shelf and ready for install

2014- Packages on the shelf. Our 545hp enging systems have been known to run entire seasons with virtually no signs of wear. Call about 2B 2.7L Stage4 parts and software.

NOTE- HOOSIER R3-S03 335/30/18 On dramatic sale. Ask for Ken for pricing.