The 2Bennett Coil Program systems are available for all Audi models. All systems are height and stiffness adjustable. We have a large selection of spring rates and lengths with most packages using our own 2B springs. We can set up any Audi for any driving situation. Street, rally, road race, autocross etc. These systems have been very well tested and developed through racing and street use for years. There are no other systems that can compare to ours. The components are precision machined from billet aluminum and anodized for protection. They are tough and good looking

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Shock Absorbers
We stock Koni, Bilstein, and Boge. Custom valved race shocks and 2B Coil Program systems featuring Koni sport in stock.


2Bennett is an official Koni direct wholesale distributor of all Audi street and motorsport shocks.



There is only one spring coiling machine on the market that can shape the spring alloys 2Bennett specifies, and we use it.  We custom design and engineer the entire spring from shape and coil spacing to length and wire size to achieve the best results for any specific application. High tolerances, computer controlled base grinding, powder coating, and constant testing are just a few reasons 2Bennett can offer lifetime warranties on all the 2B Coil Program components.


ISO 9001