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2Bennett now offers pure Nitrogen tire filling. Just $29. Labor and Nitrogen included.

Our machine not only fills tires with Nitrogen, it fills then evacuates, then fills 3 cycle times with Digital accuracy.

This assures optimal Nitrogen purity.

Initial 4 or 5 [with spare] tire service- $29.

Spare tire- $10. if done alone

Single tire top-off- $5.


Why put Nitrogen in Tires?

Filling your tires with Nitrogen will give you a few benefits. It will give your tires a better life, ride, gas mileage and less trips to the dealership to check on your TPMS sensors. Most luxury cars have TPMS sensors installed at the factory. The TPMS sensors are located inside of your tires.

3 Reason to put Nitrogen in Tires

1. Nitrogen increases gas mileage Filling your tires with nitrogen ensures constant proper inflation of tires, therefore increasing gas mileage.

2. Nitrogen decreases tire wear When a tire is properly inflated it wears out evenly giving you more miles.

3. Nitrogen reduces problems with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Nitrogen reduces the formation of rust thus saving your TPMS Nitrogen versus Air Nitrogen expands and shrinks a lot less than the air you would normally put in your tires thus ensuring that your tires are always inflated properly and evenly. This will give you better traction and even wear - thus extending the life of your tires. If you live in a 4 season climate, you are very familiar with the TPMS light on your vehicle. Nitrogen will eliminate the constant change in pressure due to expansion and shrinking of air. The lack of O2 will also help save your TPMS sensors from corrosion. The tire sensors are expensive.

In Conclusion - Nitrogen in Car Tires Makes Sense

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