2Bennett Audimotive Sport and original quattro A2 parts





Complete long wheel base conversion. Made 100% in house. Sport quattro replacement parts also available. These parts are OE. quality. Did you damage your Sport or do you want to transform your coupe?

Our modern techniques and materials produce stronger and lighter parts that fit properly every time.

sport quattro

Click picture for high rez. Photo by Les Bidrawn from the May 2009 European Car Magazine article. HERE IT IS

2B Short wheelbase sport quattro shown below. Photos of 2B shortening and building this car. HERE
sport quattro sport quattro
Original quattro with 2B Sport long wheelbase body conversion. Built completely in house, this carbon fiber / carbon Kevlar body is even better than original. We made our molds from original sport and a2 parts after we meticulously corrected their flaws. Painted in our body shop in its original Mars Red. 2B body, 2B 20v turbo, 2B brakes, 2B suspension, 2B collcage, 2B interior, etc. See more about this car.
image image audi rally image image
This hood is a direct replacement for sport quattro hoods. Our parts use factory hood releases not pins.
2B panels attach at the factory spot weld seam. Bonding to the outside of your old panels is not acceptable when creating a vehicle of this level. Structure, weight savings, and longevity are important.
sport quattro
Packages available for different intake manifolds and engines. You're not on your own. We provide and install any parts required. We have all the brackets, mounts, and pieces for a successful project.
PART PRICING- Body Look HERE for photos of 2Bennett Sport quattro and S1 panels
Hood- complete ready to paint. Carbon $2980.
Front Grill- ready to install. Carbon $1495.
Front Fender- L or R- ready to paint . Carbon / Kevlar $1980.
Front Bumper- complete ready to paint. Carbon $1980.
Rear Quarter Panel- L or R- ready to paint. Carbon / Kevlar $2980.
Rear Quarter Panel inner fender liner- L or R. Carbon/ Kevlar $295. each
Rear Bumper- ready to paint with mount brackets . Carbon $1780.
Gas Door- complete with hinge assembly . Carbon / Kevlar $595.
Plastic hood exterior trim mini-grills ask
Plastic bumper grills ask

2Bennett manufactures all the parts for these packages and can adapt systems to meet your needs. Brakes, Suspension, Street or Racecar construction, Rally preparation, etc. All body parts are available in extra lightweight race form if you choose.

We use 5cyl, V8, 2.7 twin turbo V6 engines with custom 2Bennett Radiators, Air boxes, Oil coolers, Intercoolers, etc.

  image 2B Sport grill and front bumper as they look just removed from the molds.
sport quattro parts 2B Sport grill as they look when we ship or install.
We have had a batch of the original Compomotive 16x9" Audi Sport wheels made. They even clear our 330mm 2B Brembo brakes. In stock $525.

2Bennett offers reproductions of many Sport quattro parts.

Control arms, front cross member, intercooler, body, etc.