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audi crank case vent Vent system shown for V6 2.7 Twin turbo $895.. All turbo models are available now.
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Original equipment engine ventilation systems are not designed for increased horsepower or track use. Most owners don't realize the damage being done when increasing turbo boost or during hard driving. The increased boost and G-force can draw oil from the original vent system into the intake tract. This oil then causes rapid wear of piston rings and spark plugs and causes carbon buildup on piston tops. Many times people find oil in their intake plumbing or intercoolers and have no idea where it came from. An other sign can be a puff of smoke during or at start up after a drive.

2Bennett's proprietary multi-chambered centrifugal condensing unit is one key stage of the system. 2Bennett ventilation systems redirect the flow of vented vapors through new redesigned plumbing. This slows the velocity causing less suction and oil vapor to be drawn into the system to begin with. Any remaining vaporized oil is condensed and stored for easy removal from a self contained drainable reservoir. 2Bennett systems are direct bolt on for customer or technician installation. Hardware and full instructions are included.

Not a catch can, a crankcase ventilation system.

All systems are available now.. Your engine is too valuable to use anything less.


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Shown above is a race version of the 2B Crankcase vent system on an S4 Competition (RS4). Race systems can vent to the atmosphere while street systems are sealed with a return to the intake for accurate air/fuel metering and polution regulations. We offer both systems for all turbo models.