Audis for sale

All vehicles are listed by 2Bennett or Ken or Andrew Bennett. This is not a public or pay classified listing. Private party sales.


Audi S2 2Bennett

2Bennett Crafted S2/RS2 Coupe quattro conversion

Audi 2Bennett custom 2003 A8L

2003 2Bennett restored and upgraded Audi A8L quattro.

Audi RS6 C5 2003 Twin Turbo Blue

Audi RS6 C5 2003 Blue with Black leather. Beautiful.

Audi Original quattro White 44k miles many original European upgrades

Audi Original quattro White 44k miles, Many original European upgrades.


2Bennett S2/RS2 Conversion for Sale


Audi S2 2Bennett

Beautiful RS2 Front end made up of all real Audi RS2 parts. 2Bennett imported the RS2 parts and originally crafted this car 20 years ago. The two owners have taken very nice care of it.

Audi S2 2Bennett

The exhaustion shows a glimpse of the 2Bennett true 3″ 304 Stainless turbo-back exhaust.

Everyone loves the sound of these exhaust systems.They have very free flow or exhaust gas for quick turbo response and no heat generating back pressure.

The tone is just what you want. The unmistakable sound of a 20 valve turbocharged five cylinder engine without excessive noise or drone on the highway.


Audi S2 2Bennett
Audi S2 2Bennett
Audi S2 2Bennett

2Bennett 20vt engine conversion looks and functions like an Audi built S2.

Most of the external surfaces on the engine are ceramic coated silver. A smooth surface that resists heat transfer and is incredibly easy to clean.


Audi S2 coilover

2Bennett Coil Program height and rate adjustable suspension. This system includes 4 corner 2B Koni externally adjustable shocks, 2B springs that are crisp and connected on a track day while remaining smooth on the streets. Also 2B shock tower brace and 2B billet Aluminum camber/ caster adjust upper mounts.

Audi S2 2Bennett

This photo was taken at an Audi club track day at Sonoma raceway 15 years ago. It is almost magically still in great condition after all these years of love, attention, and enjoying fast driving. This is a great car and we are happy to be again involved with it.

= Lago blue metallic paint w/ Grey interior

= 2Bennett Audimotive complete 3B code 20v turbo 5 cyl engine conversion

= 2Bennett Mild software that is not hard on the engine and gives great performance–350 HP range

= 2Bennett Height adjustable coilovers with externally adjustable 2B Koni shocks

= 2Bennett 1st generation billet Aluminum Front upper strut mounts

= 2Bennett Stage2 330mm Brakes calipers and Pagid yellow endurance racing pads

= 2Bennett true 3″ 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe

= 2Bennett 3″ 304 Stainless Steel exhaust

= 2Bennett 4 Row aluminum radiator

= RS2 Airbox with K&N filter

= RS2 Intake Manifold

= RS2 Exhaust Manifold

= RS2 Turbo

= RS2 Headlights

= RS2 Front bumper

= RS2 Grills and Bumper lights

= 6 speed Transmission with S2 linkage

= European steering wheel without air bag

= B4 hood

= Integrated front mount (S2 or RS2) intercooler.

= Replaced turbo Hoses and clamps

= S2 5×112 hubs and bearings With wheel studs

= 2B Battery relocation to the rear

= Catalytic converter (not installed)

= 17” BBS wheels.

= Wheel spacers.

= Power seats, Power windows, original radio 

= Cruise control available (not installed)

= 2Bennett Chromoly strut brace

= Schroth front 4-point belts



= AC, heat, etc. all work

Stored in Heated Garage under cover, driven Just in fair weather months (Current owner is in Wisconsin) and the car is back in our showroom.

Maintenance during current owner tenure:

 -> Dings repainted as needed to maintain closer to new look.

-> Boost hoses replaced.

-> Power steering pump and hoses replaced

= New/ rebuilt head, lifters, later S6 head gasket, etc. (2010)

-> AC Condenser from 2Bennett Installed and system charged

-> New front and rear hubs

-> New rotors & pads – –

-> New crank bushings & Engine support mounts

-> Front hub bolts replaced

-> Front ABS Sensors aligned and reset

-> Tune-ups, oil changes and consumables as needed

Complete Records history since purchase in ‘02 From the owner that 2Bennett built the car for.

Issues noted: All of these are a few minor items that we can easily take care of after you purchase the car.

-Original Dash pixels starting to fail 

-Headliner & sunroof fabric shade need reupholster.

-Rear Window Wiper slow

-leak down numbers are too high at more than 20%. Car still runs and drives OK but is lacking the strong crisp pull of a fresh bottom end. Minimum rings, hone, all lower bearings with head and oilpan off. Or we can remove the engine and 2B Reman including sensors, all wear item

This car is now back with us at our shop in Davis, CA

Price is $24K.

Note: It is almost impossible to build these cars now (At this level) because of the lack of availability original RS2 parts available worldwide. Audi has discontinued them and they are no longer available. However, If something were to happen to this car, we could rebuild it for you.