Customer Photo Submissions

Photos in this area have been submitted by customers. We asked and lots of people responded showing photos of their cars and modifications by 2Benett. This page is still under construction, as are lots of other pages on this new site. We are still accepting photos. Send them in and we will put them up.

Customer submitted pics of 2002 Audi S4 Biturbo. Customer’s words:

I am pleased to have been a repeat customer since 2004, and 2B rebuilt it 2009 following an HPDE incident, then replaced engine and upgraded to Stage 3 with RS4 K04’s and clutch, with RS4 intercoolers and Stage 3 tune.

These photos were taken in 2021 at Portland international Raceway.

> Australia has a number of tarmac rallies where public roads are closed to allow competition cars to be released at 30 second intervals to be timed against the clock … no speed limits, no cars in the opposite direction, no speeding tickets! The most famous road rally is Targa Tasmania, named in honour of the Targa Florio, which takes place over six days across the island state of Tasmania which is at the very southern tip of eastern Australia. We cover over 1,200 miles of which over 300 miles are competitive and divided into 40 stages which range from 2 mile blasts within townships (literally!), to 10 mile climbs up & down mountains, to the legendary 35 mile Mt Arrowsmith stage … the combination of beautiful scenery, fantastic roads and challenging conditions (you can guarantee rain at some point) makes the event unique. Pace notes are allowed so it’s a true team effort between drive & navigator and a special plate is awarded to each team which completes every stage under a set time … this Targa time is very achievable with spirited driving and, as the organisers say, not everyone can win a gold, silver or bronze medal but everyone can win a Targa plate. In 2011, there were a record 340 competitors within the Modern, Early Modern, Late Classic, Early Classic and even Vintage categories.

The regulations are quite strict as to the amount of development which is able to be carried out on the vehicle but it is quite liberal for the S2. Initial development in 2008/9 involved installing a FIA roll cage & race seats, upgrading the brakes with a 2Bennett big brake package, upgraded 2Bennett competition suspension, bushes & rear anti-roll bar and a Stage 1 ECU chip which increased power from 215hp to around 240hp. These mods transformed the car but it still suffered badly in the area of power/weight so, in 2010, we moved the engine towards full 2B RS2 specification with a custom free-flow exhaust, 2Bennett Stage 2 ECU chip which increased power to around 360hp and 2Bennett heavy-duty clutch kit to handle the increased power & torque. The result was second in class and a solid, improving performance within our Early Modern category against the plethora of Evos, GTRs and Porsches.

> > > > We are now planning further upgrades using further 2Bennett expertise as we’ve found their products exceptionally well engineered, reliable and robust … it ticks all our boxes! The S2 is now reaching its full potential as a fun, safe, competitive and unique tarmac rally car. ”

> > Best regards > > > > Lloyd Berger >

Customer submitted pics of a 1986 Audi Coupe GT with 2Bennett Audimotive Coilover Suspension.

Audi 90 GTO tribute at 2Bennett Audimotive

This group of photos is of a 1986 Audi Coupe GT with our Rally Coilover Suspension.

Photos submitted by customer Anthony Modugno.

He purchased the kit and assembled it himself after consulting us regarding use, Spring rates, Shock valving, Etc.