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 The ultimate chip upgrade for the S4 2.7T engine is available from 2B APR.  We are pleased to offer you chip tuning that is second to none. We have worked hand in hand with many customers to deliver a chip that works. Expect huge increases in low-end torque, improved throttle response and a smoother, more powerful top end.

 The chip is designed to operate within the turbochargers' efficiency range. Some APR chips are available in an octane specific version for the octane of gasoline that you typically run in your car. The power that the chip makes also depends on which ECU is in your vehicle. Please see the chart below for more information.

 All APR chip upgrades use encryption, which serve several purposes. First, it keeps prying eyes out of our software and prevents lesser companies from copying the chip and degrading the product. Secondly, the encryption prevents the dealer from flash programming the ECU. Also, all APR software is undetectable to a dealers VAG diagnostic tool.

 All APR chip software comes with lifetime free upgrades-you only pay for the labor time. There is also a lifetime warranty against defects in the software or soldering. All chip upgrades have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Listings below for 6 speed and Tiptronic transmission Cars.
Click here for ECU starter package we recommend-





100 Oct


1st program



4 Total

all 2.7 S4






$ 599.

$ 149.

$ 219.

$ 289.


Stage 3 system 2.7 Twin Turbo .Power, Drivability, Reliability: These 3 words sum up the Audi 2.7T Stage3 kit.
carbon fiber covers not included

RS4 Turbochargers                             

RS4 Mass Air Flow Meter

RS4 Mass Airflow Meter to Turbo inlet plumbing

RS4 Aluminum top Air distribution Y pipe

RS4 Fuel injectors

RS4 Fuel pump

RS4 Airbox

Stainless Steel fuel injector adapters

All associated plumbing, gaskets, hoses, hardware

was $8k. parts are now hard to find. Email for a quote or call

New B5 S4 Stage III Software Released
APR has retuned our software for the B5 S4. Utilizing new tools and techniques, the B5 S4 Stage III now outputs 447hp and 467lb-ft on 93 octane pump gas, and 485hp and 498lb-ft on 104 octane gas. Even more power with 2Bennett custom additional components. 

At 2Bennett, we find the cars to be as reliable and smooth and even more drivable in all use after these modifications than in original form. We are running cars with well over 100,000 miles with solid results day after day.


RS4 intercoler kit

Fits all 2.7L engines

2 RS4 intercoolers, silicone hose set, hardware, instructions


RS4 intercooler ducting - we stock real RS4 parts - not fakes-

Larger openings, more cooling, more power

Fits inside S4, S6, Allroad, RS4 bumpers - trim to fit S4 bumpers-

$email. curent price - per side

APR 2.7 Bipipe

Eliminates possibility of intake leaks between intercoolers and throttle body. Cast Aluminum with black powder coating. Full kit with brackets, hoses, instructions


audi part

APR R1 turbo recirculation/ dump/ bypass/ diverter valve

OE. Fit- Diaphram design

$159. each

audi bypass valve

Bailey DV30 turbo recirculation/ dump/ bypass/ diverter valve

OE. Fit- Piston design

Lifetime warranty

Polished Aluminum or Black

$189. each

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