All parts are listed by 2Bennett or Ken or Andrew Bennett. This is not a public or pay classified listing.

Sport quattro Airbox complete[Aluminum bottom, plastic top, rubber magnetic hood air inlet boot], Aluminum airflow meter, Aluminum meter to turbo inlet hose pipe with heat shield, rubber turbo inlet hose. As shown. Used in good condition- as a group $SOLD.
image image of sport quattro


This group below has been sold- We now craft and offer reproductions of many of the parts- HERE

This Engine was originally installed in an Audi Sport competition car. It is believed to have been a spare engine from a Paris Dakar effort that never materialized. The block is stamped KW code and is cast iron for a high horsepower effort. The motor is estimated to make over 500hp with Audisport tubular exhaust, twin injectors, and a KKK turbo. It will be sold with harness, ECU, clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel.The intake manifold is a racing design with side by side twin fuel injectors and no internal water lines. . $SOLD
Suspension and Brakes
The Suspension and Brakes were pulled from the same car the motor was sourced. Included are the rear differential and subframe, front and rear struts, as well as 4 corner brake calipers and rotors.
Intercooler, Brackets, and Clutch
The intercooler as well as appropriate mounting brackets and front bracing were also removed and are for sale. Pictures showing the clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel are also shown.
  trans sport