This is a car that we have modified heavily in the past. It had an Alpine White steel original quattro body that was in beautiful condition. Adding the Carbon fiber wide body was just the finishing touch on this monster.

This page follows the car from start to finish with the body. All done in-house at 2Bennett with Carbon fiber long wheel base Sport quattro body parts also fabricated in-house.

This photograph is from a photo shoot at the European car magazine studio a couple of years ago.

We installed an 8 point roll cage with side impact ladder bars several years ago for track use.

2Bennett upgraded the interior with a sophisticated racetrack interior. This monster is still California registered and smog legal.

Rear quarter panels have been removed at the spot welds. The rear fender inner liner made of Carbon Kevlar before it has been trimmed to match the inside of the Carbon fiber quarter panel.

Rear 2Bennett upgraded brakes with two piece vented larger rotors.

2Bennett quarter panel just after installation. The carbon fiber is covered in gray surfacer in this photograph.

Fresh paint.

All set to bolt the car together with the new panels.

Another view of the 8 point roll cage that extends forward to the shock towers for chassis support,.

The 2Bennett Stage2 GT front brakes are partially visible in this photo.

The giant 2Bennett bar and plate intercooler, bolt in cross-member, and 2B Sport quattro replica inner bumper support.

We switched the intake manifold from the original RS2 part [ this is an actual RS2 engine and transmission that we purchased brand-new from Audi in 2001 ]. 2Bennett four row aluminum radiator and Carbon fiber shrouding are also prominent.

You might also notice that we installed antilock brakes that have an on /off button and complete running gear from an S2.

The antilock brakes have an on/ off button because Audi realized early in development that ABS is not effective in snow and dirt because braking in these conditions requires the wheel to skid and build up a small mound in front of the tires for resistance against forward motion. ABS cycles off before this can occur defeating the ability to slow the car.

The 2B Carbon fiber airbox is in behind the bumper to get the coldest air.

The reason the grill has no chrome rings is that the customer wanted the car to be badgeless.

The new custom made Forgeline 18 x 9″ wheels fit beautifully. It is unfortunate that the black color does not show them off.

The 2Bennett original equipment replica rear wing blends in nicely.

The car is now lighter , wider, and tearing up racetracks and the street.

2Bennett built every part of this car and we can build one for you, when you are ready.