People do not think of cars under 20 years old being restored. What if you bought the car new and do not want a different car, you just want your car to be new again? If it is an Audi we know what to do.

First thing to get the job moving was to remove the bumpers and get them in the body shop.

Rusty, greasy, etc. Time to remove everything and freshen it up.

The A6 spent most of it’s life in Chicago. This has not been easy on the car as you can see.

The engine, transmission, and front suspension are removed as a group on the rolling lift cart.

All corroded parts in this group will be replaced or re plated, suspension replaced with 2B, everything meticulously cleaned, engine will be upgraded, engine electrical and many mechanical components replaced.

Engine bay pressure washed.

New K04 turbochargers and a long list miscellaneous wear items replaced on the engine.

Engine back in after replacing most sensors, hoses, and fittings. All of the maintenance items like coils, spark plugs, lots of gaskets, are now new. The turbo boost 12 hose set are replaced with shiny new 2B Silicone hoses.

2Bennett full downpipe back exhaust complete with dual 3″ turbo downpipes.

Temporary wheels wrapped around new 2B Stage2 GT 350mm brakes. The new 18″ BBS wheels will be installed last thing to keep them clean.

Wet sanded and fresh black paint and clear applied.

New BBS 18×8″ wheels over 2B Stage2 GT 350mm brakes. We installed front and rear Stage2 brakes.

The car came to us as a 13 year old well maintained vehicle that had been driven plenty. Making it look like new inside and out requires replacing and refinishing many parts. We upgraded most of the parts that we could while keeping this A6 2.7T civilized for the street. Lights, trim, emblems, interior parts, the list goes on for replacement. Glossy wet looking paint, power, and handling components were all on the upgrade list.

The Audi dealer the owners went to when it was time to replace the car did not treat them well so they shipped us the car. Our job was to make it like new and we achieved that goal and brought it up to current spec. This job is finished.