This coupe is an example of a car we set up for club track days.

The rollcage before and after paint.

Updated interior with ’87 dash and wiring harness. Late dash extension with extra 3 gauges. RS2 steering wheel with machined hub adapter for horn function. RS2 6 Speed transmission, late suspension and functioning ABS. 2Bennett Coil Program suspension with 2 way adjustable 2B Koni shocks, 2B Camber/ Caster adjust upper mounts, 2B mounts.

3B Code 20v turbo. 2B Radiator with 2B 500w fan and shroud system, 2B Software, 2B baffled oilpan, 2B Crankcase vent system, 2B K26/27 turbo, 2B modified RS2 intercooler, 2B oil cooler.

Completed car ready for track days.