Audi original quattro

We bought the car as a “basket case” from a customer that had taken it apart completely to a shell and quit the project. We sold the car to a customer and he put most of it back together with plans to have us install a new engine.

Bare shell with all mechanical and interior parts removed.

Parts were all in boxes in random order.

Empty engine bay ready for new engine. Engine mount brackets cut from the frame rails, 2B brackets welded in, and the engine bay painted to look original. Notice the pneumatic brake booster instead of the hydraulic system.

4.2 V8 ready for install after full service of belts, gaskets, water pump, etc. 2B engine brackets shown on the engine.

One of many details for our 4.2 V8 conversions is the 2B Carbon fiber airbox. It features a flat panel K&N and latch-on top from a B5 RS4.

Engine conversion finished. Under the hood looks as if the A8 engine came in the car from the factory. Including 2B Aluminum radiator, 2B carbon fiber air box, fully functioning air conditioning, 2B engine mounts and brackets, 2B Aluminum flywheel and clutch, 2B full exhaust system, modified subframe, vacuum brake conversion, etc.

After the mechanicals and engine were completed it was determined that the car deserved a complete paint and body refurbishment. The body was disassembled and all the trouble spots were repaired. Fortunately it had only a few small dents and no rust. A beautiful glossy coupe is the result.

This car was restored and updated from end to end. This car was featured in European Car magazine.