2Bennett Audi High Performance Builds

This beautiful car is a 1985 original quattro with original Alpine white paint. 2Bennett has done extensive upgrades to this car such as: AAN code 20v turbo engine [fully modified], 2B Stage2 brakes, 2B Coil Program suspension, 2Bennett turbo, software, radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, exhaust, silicone hoses, etc.

The car has a new owner with a new plan for it’s future. We are now going to remove most of the body panels and build a 2B Sport quattro short wheel base as the customer requests. He has requested we build a short wheelbase car with the sloped windshield retained.

The process has begun. Careful disassembly of the majority of the car. This car is quite literally being cut in half and shortened. The rear quarter panels will be replaced with Carbon/ Kevlar S1 replicas which dictates the car’s new wheelbase.

The new 2Bennett Carbon fiber grill and bumper fresh out of the molds. We manufacture all of the S1 and Sport replica parts in our composites shop on site.

The raw carbon parts just look so cool we thought people would like to see them before they are painted.

Removal of quarter panels at the spot welds. We bond composite panels at the factory mating surfaces instead of splicing onto partial panels avoiding using body filler, less weight, potential for paint cracking, etc. This also allows us to modify the chassis at the same points as a factory built Sport quattro.

The chassis has been shortened, S1 rear quarters are Cleco pinned in place and the front body is being pre fit.

The photo shows the hood inner structure sitting where a complete hood will be (not the completed hood in photo).

We crafted a roll cage to stiffen the chassis and add safety.

Almost ready to paint. Ibis White is the customer’s choice. A brighter white than the original Alpine white. The complete color change adds labor even to this shortened car with full jambing of all the original parts in and out of the car. These jobs are a monumental amount of labor in structural work and bodywork. We plan to have a show car that is also great for driving events when completed.

The car is painted. We displayed it at our annual open house / winter holiday party.

Mechanicals are finished. Ready to bolt on the body and interior. Every detail is important. 2Bennett sport quattro custom parts are hand crafted to fit with the customer’s existing car.

The 2Bennett custom interior was created to fit while blending the original interior style with the the new front seats. The rear rollbar tubing fits nicely through the openings in the seats. Red stitching and high grade black leather were chosen to create an interior that feels like Audi made this modern environment years ago. The Recaro front seats appear to be original to the car. Truly beautiful.

Almost done. Final pieces going on to complete this complex puzzle.

Wow! Incredible piece of machinery. This 1985 original Quattro has been transformed into a modernized sport quattro. The customer now has the dream car that he has been thinking of since the 1980s. 2Bennett is proud to be able to hand craft these works of art.

Time to drive this beautiful machine. A sport quattro that is legal to drive on the streets of California with modern comforts (cold air conditioning, etc). Truly a head turner everywhere it goes.

Not the kind of thing you expect to see driving down the street. Are you next?

2Bennett Audimotive restores and repairs all Audi models. This story is of an RS4.

This RS4 has seen some life on the road. Colorado driving conditions and Ten Years have added up. Time to make it new again. 2Bennett addressed refinishing the minor dings and chips for a flawless body.

The entire chassis was pressure washed, slightly damaged bumpers removed, and rocker covers removed for repaint. Sandy dirty road grime needed to be scrubbed from all the hiding places. The brakes are ready for a shiny 2Bennett facelift.

Complete timing and serpentine belt service with water pump, tensioners, and rollers. Under hood upkeep performed.

Straight out of the paint booth. Ready to begin assembling the body. Rocker panels were repainted because of chips and scratches. The thread inserts into the body have been replaced due to corrosion. 2Bennett uses a heavier gauge insert replacement. This is what we use on our A4/S4 to RS4 conversions.

2Bennett Stage2 RS Front brake parts replaced the old for a clean look with ultimate performance.

2Bennett Stage2 Rear brakes replace the rusty old system. 2 Piece directional vein 2B rotors and beautiful finish on the caliper system rounds out this RS4’s brake restore-upgrade.

2Bennett Coil Program height adjustable suspension installed. Rear parts shown with 2B external adjustability (height and valve rate).

We have replaced the entire Navigation and sound system in the car to the modern Nav + model.

2Bennett hand crafted a set of our twin 3″ turbo downpipe-back exhaust system.

New Recaro front seats with additonal power options were installed with custom 2Bennett mounting brackets.

This is the story of a 1984 Audi quattro rebirth. Follow the story below from Black sheep to White swan.

Starting point. 1984 original quattro. This coupe has served its owner well. A daily driver in the snow of Lake Tahoe and weekends at the racetrack. 2Bennett has service this vehicle for many years, kept it very reliable, and now it is time for a new owner and a rebirth.

There were a few problem areas with the body. This large dent in the fender as well as surface rust from years of driving in the snow all must be addressed. Time to strip the car down to a bare chassis and fully rebuild and upgrade everything.

This former Black Beauty will now be rebuilt and reborn with modern components and systems that will transform it into a virtual new car. The looks of an automotive icon and the ride and drivability of a vehicle fresh off the performance car lot.

We took it all to bare metal for a fresh start and began reshaping it.

Full pressure wash of the underside before drive train removal, mid body work. All dirt and grime is removed from the chassis for refinishing.

Engine removed for new brackets and mounts and then new paint.

AAN Code 20 valve turbo 5 cylinder engine ready for the 2Bennett rebuild. Removed from ’93 S4. We will be rebuilding the head and all new bearings and connecting rods for the bottom end as well as oil pan baffling to prevent oil starvation during track driving.

Doors prepared for painting on the inside. With a color change paint job, all the parts must be removed to be painted inside and out.

Following sheet metal work, a multi stage prime and seal system with wet sanding between each stage.

2Bennett bodyshop performed a complete color change paintjob.

Doors, hood, bumpers, and decklid are all painted off the car to ensure a better than original outcome.

Now in it’s assembly bay, the entire suspension and drive systems are removed for restoration and upgrades.

The masking paper and yellow tape are to protect the new paint while the delicate operation of reassembly commences.

Rear subframe with 2Bennett bushings and swaybar kit installed. The car also has 2B height adjustable and rate adjustable coilover suspension.

The interior during the carpet replacement and wiring system overhaul. 2B meticulously blends original wiring with upgrades and the engine harness to function better than original equipment.

One of the improvements to the 1984 original quattro performed by 2B is to add the 1985 and later differential lock control mounted above the left knee. This gives us the ability to add three gauge where the old differential lock was (below the radio).

Engine bay with some wiring and mount brackets for the new systems. 2Bennett wiring harness for the 2B 500w fan system and 2B modified engine harness.

Engine now 2B remanufactured and modified. RS2 manifolds mounted, 2B water pipe installed with new sensors. Engine, vacuum booster for brakes, intercooler, intake plumbing installed. The entire hydraulic power steering and brake booster system is being replaced by a more reliable 2B vacuum boost system.

This photograph shows the 2B updated alternator, power steering pump, cooling fan and shroud system, vacuum brake assist system, etc.

This car is truly being transformed into a brand-new driving vehicle minus all the things that make new cars heavy and bulky.

Engine, cooling system, Air conditioning with our 2B serpentine belt system, 2B intercooler and turbo tract all installed. New European bumpers and 2B OE. replica rear spoiler installed. 2B 3″ Turbo back exhaust.

2Bennett Coil Program suspension with 2B adjustable camber caster mounts installed, 2B front and rear shock tower braces in place. Black [now ultra rare] tail lamp group and new windshield also installed. 2B reconditioned Fuchs wheels, 2B studs, and nuts installed.

This Quattro originally had white 15 x 6″ wheels. The new owner had always wanted the original Audi Sport rally forged Fuchs wheels for this project. Fortunately we had a set in our inventory.

Fuchs wheels freshly restored. Age has caused most of the Fuchs around the world to need some cosmetics. We stripped, machined, refinished, polished and clear coated them back to life [prettier than new].

2Bennett meticulously brought many original Audi parts back to life as if they were new. Most of the parts on these cars are not available anymore. We take pride in bringing them back to life.

Close up of 2Bennett all 304 Stainless Steel turbo downpipe. Note the twin Oxygen sensor inputs and very thick flanges so they never warp. True 3″ downpipe with venturi flair directly out of the turbine visible in the photo.

2Bennett carbon fiber radiator shroud, 2B 4 row Aluminum radiator, 2B radiator shroud and 500 watt fan assembly. 2B radiator shrouding is on all sides of the radiator and updated AC condenser.

2B updated interior with Recaro power front seats, relocated late diff locks, 2B floor mats, and console.

2B Custom upholstered rear seats with Recaro fabric centers and Recaro leather to match front seats. The rear shelf behind the seat was a crumbled broken mess under the faded old carpet. We rebuilt it in our mold and covered the part in fiberglass. Stronger than new, we installed new speakers and fresh black carpet.

The car’s owner took it to the racetrack instead of his track prepared Porsche GT3 and sent this.